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Knitting into the revolution

Chicks dig it

24 April 1986
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ab-fab, adult swim, agatha christie, all your base, antique shopping, aqua teen hunger force, bad b-horror movies, baking, battlestar galactica, big dick jokes, bitches and hoes, box tops, buttons, campy movies, chuck palahniuk, coffee, comics, composting, conan o'brien, converse, cowboy bebop, creepycrackheadfriendofmine, crooked teeth, dark chocolate, darren aranofsky, diy, douglas adams, dumpster diving, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, elephants, estate sales, fags, fight club, finger painting, firefly, flcl, flip-flops, for great justice, garbage, garden gnomes, gardening, gummie bears, hair-dye, hairy pits, harry potter, harvey birdman, ice cream, incense, indian food, jenny lewis, jon stewart, kissing, kmfdm, knitting, legendary pink dots, licking chalkboards, lip gloss, lost, manman, marquis de sade, marvin kaye, mdfmk, mexican, modest mouse, murder by death(the movie!), nag champa, nappy hair, nightmares, nin, nintendo, nipples, octopus, ohgr, old gregg, oranges, owls, patsy kline, photography, piercings, pro-choice, pulp fiction, radiohead, rasputina, reading, requiem for a dream, robot chicken, roger miller, role playing, roman dirge, samurai champloo, scratching, sealab 2021, septums, sewing, shaving my head, shirts with built-in bras, short skirts, sifl and olly, skinny puppy, slip-ons, small children on toast, smashing pumpkins, snuggeling, sour patch kids, space ghost, stars, stenciling, stencils, swedish fish, tattoos, tea, the cure, the kinks, the last unicorn, the mars volta, the mighty boosh, the postal service, the ultimate hitchhikers guide, theater, thrift stores, ties, tool, toys, trainspotting, transmetropolitan, unlucky in love, used book stores, vanilla, veg porn, vegetarianism, video games, vintage shops, vitamins, winter itch, yarn, zombies